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BENIPAL TRADERS has recently forayed into the business of trading in agricultural commodities and has created efficient linkages for a select presence across the value chain. While still in a nascent stage, we have made significant progress in developing agri trade flows in our focus geographies.

Our teams creates efficient linkages across the commodity value chain, offering end-to-end solutions to customers, growing our sourcing base while adhering to quality and food safety standards. We are exploring further collaborative opportunities of trading in sugar and sugar products, pulses and grains, and oil and oilseeds.

We believe in exploring collaborative opportunities with partners to build a sustainable and synergistic business. Our strong network in ASEAN and Africa, combined with our experience in global trading and distribution, will help us nurture and grow this customer-oriented business.

Agricultural Products

Economic development around the world is usually accompanied by improvement in food habits.

However, as the world population threatens to become 9.7 billion by 2050, every country is looking to increase food productivity. The only problem is, the amount of arable land on earth is limited. In fact, in most cases, the amount of land available for farming is decreasing with the corresponding expansion of urban centres.

What further complicates the problem is the climate change being witnessed in all parts of the earth. An unexpected good crop in one part of the world results in a sudden glut and threatens to crash procurement prices from the farmer. Similarly, a bad crop in a different part of the world results in food scarcity.

To provide timely and affordable nutrition to millions of people around the world, Kushal Limited sources and supplies a variety of food products and nutrition supplements such as protein-rich lentils, powder milk, cashew nuts and Vitamin C.

This trade in important agricultural products provides the world with greater food security and keeps in check the volatility of prices.

agriculture products






Tree Nuts

Soybean nd Oil Crops


Edible oil seeds

Sugar nd Sweeteners

Edible forestry products (almonds, walnuts, etc.)

Dairy products

Coffee Beans